flashbulb (Evel Knievel)
Stroboscopic images producing afterimage "Polaroids" in the viewer's ocular internal camera (persistence of vision). This piece is an intimate and simultaneous double portrait of an incredible man and of us, explored through our desire to identify and our need to capture the essence of greatness in a personal photograph.

The viewer enters a completely darkened space to find their periphery engulfed with the extreme slowed down moving image of Evel Knievel mid air in a motorcycle jump. He is submerged by the bomb blast flashbulbs of the audience member's cameras.

Without warning the image flashes and the viewer finds themself alone standing in complete darkness. Audio fragments play of Evel Knievel speaking candidly about himself. As images flash out of the darkness an afterimage of Evel suspended mid jump is imprinted temporarily in the viewers eyes. Each viewer takes their own photograph with their eyes creating the most intimate image possible.