The Video Rodeo
RIP 1997-2003
The Video Rodeo is the name of my custom live video performance system. Actually its much more than that. Its really Evel Knievel, Monster Trucks, Harry Houdini, bull riders and more all rolled into one. Presented as a live maverick video spectacular. I wear a black Stetson when I perform and I mean it.

Performing with The Video Rodeo I have complete non-linear control of computer playback broadcast quality video. I'm able to mix it live with other video sources, creating an ever changing tableaux of moving images. With the touch of a button I am able to summon any video clip I desire and control it (speed, direction, loop, loop length and position, etc.) completely on the fly. I mix live, the computer controlled video with other prerecorded video sources through a video mixer which allows me to manipulate and process the multiple simultaneous layers of moving images. I display the video using multiple large screen projections in conjunction with a second video switcher to route discreet video sources to different projection screens at different times.

Among other places, the Video Rodeo was the engine behind the video projection system for STREB's internationally touring show ACTION HEROES.